Blur your background with the power of AI [RTX only]

This short article shall explain an easy way to blur the background of your webcam using Nvidia Broadcast.

Difficulty: Beginner
Time: 5-10 minutes


  • An RTX graphics card from Nvidia (RTX 20xx, RTX30xx)
  • An internet connection (to download the tool)

Nvidia Broadcast Configuration

  • Download and install the Nvidia Broadcast tool
  • Open the Nvidia Broadcast tool and go to “Camera Beta
  • Select your camera from in the source menu
  • Select “Add effect” and look for the “Background Blur” effect.
  • Turn on the “Background Blur” effect and configure it as you want.

Recording tool configuration

Depending on your recording/meeting tool the configuration will be different. All you need to do is select “Camera (NVIDIA BROADCAST)” as your primary camera input.

Google Meet:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Studio):


This was a quick overview on how you can leverage the capabilities of Nvidia RTX to blur your webcam background. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment down below.



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