About Me

Hi! My Name is Thorben. I work as a security analyst by day and like to play around with anything programmable by night. This website is my space to write about stuff that interests me or that I want to talk about.

Skills & Interests

I am very interested in just about anything “networking” and “cybersecurity”. I am in the top 1% of TryHackMe users and have completed 100+ rooms. I am also learning Python and upload my most useful tools to GitHub.

These are some of my public CTF profiles:

PicoCTF: https://play.picoctf.org/users/DiddyRise
TryHackMe: https://tryhackme.com/p/DailyCompute
HackTheBox: https://app.hackthebox.com/profile/890563

I also love tinkering with tech in general. I own multiple Raspberry PIs, multiple Arduinos, and a non-trivial amount of old computers and servers.

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